PRIORITY: Keeping us safe

I used to work as a paramedic in BC.  I also trained to be a fire fighter. The training I received taught me one very important lesson, minutes count during an emergency.

I was also a financial planner and what this taught me was that in order to be successful in meeting your financial priorities you must plan, not react and maintain focus on your goals. 

The saying, ‘failing to plan if planning to fail’ applies equally well to financial planning as it does with providing emergency services.

When I’m voted into the position of a Town Council member I will focus on implementing a funding model that provides for ongoing support to the men and women that provide emergency response services to us.  Funding will automatically grow as our population grows to eliminate the large deficit response spending we have seen in the recent past.  I will also ensure that funding remains with the various emergency services it was allocated to so that the department can best prioritize their needs using their professional development.

Dan Cunin