PRIORITY: Other ideas (draft text)

I have been listening to Cochranite now for over 10 years.  During that time I have heard so many great ideas that I’ve struggled to figure out how best to tell you some of the highlights.  My attempt is this category.

Before I list some of these ideas I want to thank the people who have been willing to share your wisdom and common sense.  I’ve always said, all we (council) needs to do to find a solution is to listen to the many talented men and women we have in this town!  I have been consistently humbled and amazed, so again, thank you.  When I’m voted into the position of a Town Council Member I promise you that I will listen and I will bring forward your ideas whenever I can.

Here are some idea’s I’ve heard that I plan to make one of my first priorities when I’m voted into the position of being a Town Council member:

I will consult local groups directly for actionable items to further boost health and wellness in Cochrane.  This would include items such as expanding the use of pathway connectedness in our town, assisting hockey moms and dads with better ice availability etc.

I will work towards having Spray Lakes Saw Mill become an anchor tenant to a new industrial park within town limits.  Spray Lakes has been an upstanding corporate citizen for the Town of Cochrane but as the town grows so does its needs.  Both the Town of Cochrane and Spray Lakes would benefit from a new location, the town by having another area within the core for development, Spray Lakes for having a new, more modern facility and both the Town and Spray Lakes for ensuring any pollution reclamation on the land is completed.

I will work towards identifying and providing predictable ongoing financial support for key agencies in town such as the Nan Booth Library, the Humane Society, a domestic women’s shelter when it comes online or even consideration for volunteer groups in this town.  I’ve worked for non-profit agencies in the past and there was always pressure from one year to the next, agencies want to do the work at hand, not always competing for scarce donations.  This idea could also be limited to asking these agencies how best the town can assist them.

I will work with developers in the town to ‘incentivise’ more sustainable and environmental building practices such as ‘roughing in’ solar panels etc.  I have an uncle who builds houses.  In my research into this idea he has assured me that the resources needed to ‘rough in’ solar power capacity is minimal but provides an extreme value added component for builders and the community.

I will put a motion forward asking for the formation of a set criteria for ‘in camera’ sessions.  Right now any council member can call for an ‘in camera’ session that result in a debate where NO records are kept of what is said.  There will be times where a debate with no public record is needed such as discussing a legal matter that has sensitive information that cannot be discussed any other way but right now it appears this practice appears to be used to avoid a public debate.

As I did in 2017 I promise to do my part to fix our growing traffic issues.  The fact is, previous town councils had a ‘build it and they will come’ attitude towards development.  Cochrane already had significant challenges to ensure we grow in a controlled and balanced way but I feel the town’s approach to development only exacerbated our traffic issues.  We are essentially now choking on our own growth as growth outpaces our infrastructure.  Back in 2017 I had a number of ideas to address traffic problems; many of those are still relevant.  In addition to those ideas I would now like to add an idea of implementing low cost traffic circles similar to those found in Sundry.

-I will focus on transparency and ethics when I become a Town Council Member.  Some of our previous mayors had an ethically questionable relationship with developers in this town and I know for a fact that Cochane tax payers have spent millions of dollars on avoidable cost overruns in the hopes of gaining personal political gain.  This isn’t said lightly but this is fact and we are now all paying for it.  The position of Town Council is a responsibility and an honor and should never be abused for personal gain.  There are a multitude of things that can be done to make the decision of Town Council transparent, more accountable and more accessible.

Dan Cunin