Dan Cunin

Cochrane Town Council



Dan Cunin


Town Council

 Friends and Neighbors;

First of all, thank you for being involved in this election.

I have lived in Cochrane for over 18+ years.  I’m happily married and am the father of beautiful twin girls. I cannot imagine a better place to raise my family.  I want to ensure all of Cochrane’s children have the future they deserve.

When I first ran for town council in 2013 I was asked three question, one, ‘why are you running?’ two, ‘what motivates/inspires you?’ and three, ‘why should I vote for you’. I’m running because I believe in being part of a community, not just living in it.  This is my way to contribute.

My motivation/inspirations are many.  My Canadian heroes are Terry Fox and Rick Hansen for their ability to make a difference in people’s lives.  My mother and father lived with, and passed on, a profound respect for the concept of civil service.  I lost my mother from Cancer, it is my memory of her fight, her drive and her passion for her community that motivates me.  I have twin 10 yr old girls that I live every day trying to make a better world for them.  My last key inspiration is my brother Kevin.  Kevin’s passion is rodeo.  Kevin had an accident that resulted in him being a paraplegic.  Today Kevin is ranching using sustainable soil management techniques and just recently started riding again; he hopes of being a competitive rider.  With these people in my life, can I do anything less than try to make a difference, not the way I see it!  

Why should you vote for me, because I have a diverse skill set to get the job done and have already demonstrated over 10 yrs of personal commitment, which includes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in personal funds, to earn your trust to become a counsel member.

I have worked at a sawmill, I have worked at a pulp mill, I have trained to be a firefighter, I have been a paramedic, I have taught paramedic level first aid, I have been a financial planner, I have owned  my own business, I have taught and provided care for people with developmental challenges, I have been a health consultant, I have worked for Children’s Services as both an case worker and  investigator, I have worked as an Employment Standards Officer mediating disputes between Employers and Employees and I am currently working as a Career and Employment Consultant (CEC)

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social work from the University of Victoria.  I was also a member of the Cochrane Planning Commission for a number of years. I have specialized training in policy.

I have skills that allow me to see the ‘bigger picture’ and how policy and planning (good and bad) can affect our daily lives.  I am a trained advocate who knows how to work within government to get things done. 

I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the 2013 and 2017 elections; I only missed getting elected in 2017 by a mere 9 votes!

As I did in 2013 and 2017, I have spent the first part of this campaign focusing on having conversations with you.   I have never stopped asking over people questions such as

1.) What do you like that council is doing?

2.) What do you not like that council is doing and/or what would you like to see improved?  

3.) Do you have any suggestions for fixing the problems?  Everything mentioned in this web site comes from those discussions.

As a member of your Town Council, your concerns will remain my concerns, that is my promise to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about me and I hope to talk with you in person one of these days soon.  Remember, regardless of whom you vote for, please VOTE.

Dan Cunin