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This video was shot after I had just finished voting for the 2021 Federal Election. My message is simple, make an informed choice and vote! If I’m elected in the 2021 Municipal Election, I will take steps to assist Cochrane voters to make an informed choice and increase voter turnout in Cochrane. I have simple, practical, and cost-effective ideas to make this happen.

Public comment -federal election part 2

In this article I talk briefly about my concerns about the destruction of and/or games played with elections signs and how I feel this represents a danger to democracy as we know it.
I try to offer a personal perspective as a candidate for the Municipal 2021 election who has already experience sign damage and gamesmanship.

Gabriola Island emergency

In this video I reflect on a medical emergency that happened on Gabriola Island in BC while on Vacation. In this video I thank all the incredible people involved in this incident. I comment on how emergency services are the result of skilled professionals working within a team environment. Emergency serves require an ongoing commitment to realistic levels of funding. As a council member for the Town of Cochrane I will be attempting to provide consistent, stable, autonomous funding for all our emergency service personal

platform – extended version

This section will outline all the rationale and detail from my election platform. If you want a ‘deep dive’ into the details that give my ideas/election platform life then please read.

Off site levies – a useful tool but be careful

In this video I briefly explain my position on the use of off-site levies. I express my concern about how the use of this useful tool is at risk of being misrepresented to the residents of Cochrane and my concern about how the overuse of off-site levies could negatively affect out ability to respond to financial challenges in the future.


In this video I provide some comments about the application for the expansion of the gravel pit operation. I have serious concerns about this application!

Highway 1 improvements – comments and concerns

In this video I try to synopsis a lengthy discussion I had with Town Staff about the Cochrane supported traffic improvements for Highway 1 at the bottom of the hill running just past 4th ave. I outline some of my concerns and comment on some good news regarding some of my ideas that I have already discussed with Cochrane business owners on Main Street.

Lets re-start the recycling of meat tray

Cochrane is one of the few places in AB where you can recycle your meat Styrofoam trays. During Covid health restrictions Cochrane stopped taking this product. I was told by Town staff that recycling of this product had to stop due to health restrictions and lack of space. I would like to see this the Town begin to allow the recycling to re-start.

Thank you to cochrane urgent care centre staff

This video is a ‘thank you’ to all the staff at the Cochrane Urgent Care Centre who assisted my wife after an unfortunate cat Mauling. Everything is ok and the staff were fantastic! This experience also highlights the need for more medical clinic capacity in Cochrane and I make a commitment to find local solutions to address this issue.

Please note that I tend to share my activities and interesting information via my Facebook group. Visit the page, and if you like what you see follow and share it. Thanks Cochrane!

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Election Day is on Monday, October 18, 2021