Submitted to both Cochrane Eagle and Cochrane Times on 2020-10-18


One of things that make me a proud Canadian is our access to a quality public health care system.  I believe that the UCP government is trying to change that reality for Albertan’s and my family’s health is at risk. 

I say this because of Policy 11 that was presented at the UCP policy convention.  Policy 11 asks the UCP party to `support the option of a privately-funded and privately-managed healthcare system`.  Regardless of the `damage control` done by the party afterwards, it is clear that this government is abandoning its previous policy of `privatization by stealth` to full support a ‘US style’ of health care.

Don`t kid yourself, this was NOT one wayward constituency association`s idea, this was a test by this government to see what pushback they will receive.

Doctors are leaving this province and Policy 11 uses this as justification for the expansion of private health care.  This is a perfect example of causing a problem and then trying to `fix` the problem you`ve created in the first place.

These are the facts:

-By laying off 11,000 workers whose services are critical to the smooth functioning of our public health care system and claiming that Albertan’s will be ‘better served’ more cheaply is simply incorrect.  Private health care leads to greater wait times for the public health care, not less, only the rich truly benefit, the public health system will continue to starve for resources and the average Albertan pays for someone else’s access faster health care.

-Just because there exists privatized services in Alberta doesn’t mean that more private health care is ‘inevitable’.  It is only inevitable if we allow it!

– The UCP government would have us believe that private health care will ‘save’ the public health care system because of the savings/efficiencies that result from privatizing health care.  Does anyone else not see the lapse in logic and irony with this thinking?!

-The UCP government would have us believe that this is the only solution, this is false, there are plenty of solutions that strengthen and expand public health care without the expansion of privatized health care.

– You CANNOT have two number one priorities, happy shareholders in a private health care company and still maintain focused on the needs of the patient; money/profit/greed will win every time. 

-Ask yourself, where are these numbers coming from? For example, the UCP government says it will save 600 million per year by laying off 11,000 workers, it sounds good, these are false numbers!  

This has to be a ‘slap in the face’ for the proud men and women in health care who continue to provide services even during a pandemic! At one time the PC party stood for being fiscally conservative but also protecting the people and services we all count on.  Let’s remind Mr. Kenny that this is still what the majority of Albertans want!


Dan Cunin