This is a letter to the editor that was sent to the Cochrane Eagle, Cochrane Times and Cochrane Now on May 2, 2021. In this letter I talk about Mr. Kenney's last statements about Covid restrictions.


Last week I heard Mr. Kenney state that it is not the ‘Alberta experience’ in the Covid Pandemic that lifting restrictions is linked to higher numbers of infections.  According to Mr. Kenney then the Covid Virus acts differently in Alberta than the rest of the world.  Fact – The Covid Virus does not act differently just because it is in Alberta!  This is the type of ‘Trump style’ fact denying that I had hoped was limited to the US.

I was left even more confused after Mr. Kenney seemed to ignore his previous misgiving about Pandemic restrictions by imposing greater restrictions only a few days after. 

Mr. Kenney’s initial comments are as dangerous as they are moronic because what he says must match with what he does as we move forward.  How can he be believed when he flip flops on a weekly basis?

I’m willing to bet that even Mr. Kenney doesn’t actually believe in what he said but is instead reacting to people’s pent-up demand for a return to normal this summer.  But if that is the case, by making these statements he looks like an amoral, power hungry politician that does not care for anyone else other than himself and his inner circle of friends.

In fairness to Mr. Kenney he did say that peoples compliance with restrictions is the key to their effectiveness, yes, that’s true, but when you continue to allow anti mask protests without any meaningful enforcement of public health regulations then why would you expect people to listen to you?!

Mr. Kenney, provide the leadership that is your job and stop trying to please everyone.  Make evidence based decision, ensure you provide businesses the direction and support they need to stay alive if you do further lock downs and get on with it.  Stop this politically motivated ‘start – stop /say one thing one day – say another thing another day’ chaos.  

As always I would have the same comments for any person/political party that would make these comments and/or support these decisions.


Dan Cunin