Governments of all types have a tendency to make big announcements, take credit for something they haven’t done yet and then not implement what they ‘promised’. Is it any wonder that people doubt what politicians say any more?!

This week the government announced their intention to lay off over 230 wild life officers.  These are front line workers that are responsible for protecting wildlife, parks and people.  If anyone has been to our now over crowded parks lately they can confirm we need more of these services, not less!

As early as this summer this government made a big deal about ‘listening’ to Albertans regarding rural crime by providing additional training to allow wildlife officers to act as ‘rural cops’.  But the government is now laying off these workers and trying to spin this decision into the ‘fiscal conservative’ montra of the day even though this decision essentially negates the first announcement and leaves our already vulnerable parks and wildlife at even greater peril.

If you want to rationalize cuts by saying they are needed for cost savings, even though a more appropriate debt reduction strategy would be looking 10+ yrs out, then fine, do so, but please don’t be such hypocrites or continue to insult my intelligence any further!

As stated before, I would have the same comments for any government that says/does what this government is doing.


Dan Cunin