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I used to work as a paramedic in BC.  I also trained to be a fire fighter. The training I received taught me one very important lesson, minutes count during an emergency.

The saying, ‘failing to plan if planning to fail’ is an essential concept for planning emergency services.

Initial focus will be on two major ideas.

As a Town Counsellor I will focus on implementing a funding model that automatically grows as our population grows.  This eliminates large deficit spending and allows predictable funding to support the men and women that provide emergency response services to us.  Surplus funding is to remain with the service it was allocated to so that the department can best prioritize their needs.

I will also form an epidemic/pandemic task force to research protocols and policy that Cochrane can use in the future.  We MUST learn from the confusion, chaos and needless costs of Alberta’s reactions to the Covid Virus.  There is now clear proof of what does or does not work and Cochrane must do better if another epidemic/pandemic strikes which science says is not a matter of if but when.

I will also be proactive in basic safety measures.  Being proactive will ‘take form’ in several ways such as I will not vote for any development that includes sidewalks on just one side of the street, I will not vote for any development that includes zero property setbacks and I will seek to re-establish a minimum 4 foot per house (8 feet total) spacing between houses.  I remain unconvinced at this time of the benefits to Cochrane residents to allow these practices to continue.  

Dan Cunin

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