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When I was a financial consultant, I always urged my clients to ‘focus on the basics’.  Basics start with a ‘rainy day fund’.  I fear the town’s ‘rainy day fund’ has already been spent and that leaves us vulnerable .

The ‘basics’ also includes ensuring you do not spend money you do not have.  That does not mean you do not go into debt, very few of us would never have a house if we did not borrow money, but it does mean you remember that debt does need to be paid back.  It also means that you make sure you know the difference between a need and a want.

Municipal governance have some unique features but in the end, basic principle still. 

I’m a taxpayer and I HATE waste.  My promise to you is simple, I will save you tens if not hundreds of thousands of your taxpayer dollars.   

Dan Cunin

*Picture by Pikest