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In When I was a financial planner, I always urged my clients to ‘focus on the basics’.  That means always have a ‘rainy day fund’ with clear expectations when these funds will be used, look at debt with realistic plans on how to pay that debt back, ensure you know the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and do not spend money you do not have.

That does not mean you do not go into debt, very few of us would have a house if we did not borrow money, it just means that you are judicious when you borrow money. 

With power comes responsibility.  Municipal governance has many ‘moving parts’, unique feature and can be complicated, but basic principles should be followed. 

As a Town Counsellor, I will take action by:

1/ I will focus on needs, not wants.  My goal will be a zero percent property tax increase for each budget. That is an exceedingly difficult target to reach but that will be goal.

2/ Counsellor Nagel attempted to become a UCP candidate in 2017.  While I applaud Mr. Nagel for his personal commitment to act on what he believes in, if he had been successful, the resulting election to find another Town Council member would have cost $250,000 – $500,000 depending on the estimations you use.  But that could be avoided by simply having numbered ballots for the Cochrane municipal election.  By closing this oversight, we eliminate that future liability.  This is just one of many other policy loopholes/oversights that need to be addressed.

3/ I will focus on having Cochrane Town Council be the lowest paid in Alberta by 5% and I will be the lowest paid Town Council member by 5-10% by donating that portion of my compensation to charity.

Dan Cunin

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