Public comment -federal election part 2

.Title: Dangerous, Juvenile Acts of Vandalism

It is against the law to damage political signs but unfortunately, this act of vandalism is seen as ‘just part of politics’ and almost never gets punished.  So I have not been surprised to see federal signs damaged/’misplaced’/encroached upon.  I have even had my signs damaged, sign posts stolen and complaints registered against me for the same practices I have used in all my previous elections without any hassle. 

This makes me angry, not because of whose signs were involved or the specific act, but because this happened in the first place!  Not to put too fine a point on it but men and women have died for our ability to vote and these actions tarnish their sacrifices.

Some might say that I’m blowing this out of proportion and that there’s bigger problems in politics such as large political parties deliberately using strategies for voter suppression/misinformation/character assassination that cost millions/billions of dollars.  I couldn’t agree more but disagree even more strongly!  A contradictory statement, not in the least, let me use an example.

Imagine personally spending hundreds of hours trying to put together something meaningful/substantial when you run for politics.  Imagine genuinely believing in what you are saying when you say you are trying to make a difference even when people ‘glaze over’ as your saying those words because those statements have been so horribly abused by politicians. Imagine spending hundreds or thousands of dollars of your personal money trying to be heard.  Imagine hundreds of hours spent away from your family and loved ones just to try to make a difference.  Now imagine when this is all taken from you bit by bit, one election sign at a time.

But believe it or not, I’m not as angry with the misguided fool that does the act of vandalism as I am with the system that seems to do nothing to prevent a steady erosion of our democracy.  This isn’t about just one lawn sign.  This is about so much more.


Dan Cunin