Thank you to Spray Lakes Family Sports Center

Nov 1, 2020 | Campaign 2021 | 0 comments

Letter to the Editor given to the Cochrane Eagle and Cochrane Times on 2020-11-01

Letter to the editor submitted to both Cochrane Eagle and Cochrane Times on 2020-11-01


To many times in life I find myself and other’s to focus on the negatives in life, often at the cost of missing the positives.  I think that’s especially true with people working in customer service.  How often do we applaud the efforts of these men and women even though we are quick to point out poor experiences?

Today I found that I was missing a document that I had placed in a ‘safe place’.  My wife’s reaction, ‘not again’.  The document in question was a receipt for a punch pass that I needed for a health plan.

I called the staff at the Spray Lakes Sawmill Family Sports Centre asking for assistance.  Honestly, this was a call of last resort and I fully expected the staff to say they could not help me as I didn’t have a date, a receipt and only vague information.

Instead I received consistent and diligent efforts to resolve the issue.  Not only were the staff pleasant to talk to but they actually found my credit card purchase and were able to give me a receipt, simply outstanding support!

Keep up the good work and thank you.

Dan Cunin