I have written in the past about my views about masks; the virus is real, the results are real and I don’t see the big deal in wearing a mask if this saves even one life.


As of this Sunday we are now in a more restricted lock down b/c of Covid restrictions.  But the main source of frustration for me right now isn’t the lock down; it’s our government risking a complete failure of their efforts to control this virus.


I’m specifically talking about the people who have held/are holding anti mask rallies across the province. As of this Sun (Dec 13), ALL of these rallies, involving thousands of people, have resulted in only 21 tickets since November 24, 2020. 


There was even Airdrie woman who took video’s showing proof of having had a positive Covid test but choosing to go shopping with her son instead of isolating herself.  Seriously, how much more proof do you need!


Enforcement not only needs to occur but must been seen to occur. There are very real consequences for our government’s failure to enforce vagrant violations of their own laws.


If rallies continue with no enforcement, who will take a ban on Christmas gatherings seriously?  Why would I continue to follow the rules when it is clear that the government has no interest in enforcing them!  If others don’t follow the rules then they will ‘undo’ every bit of progress that I make.


I’m like everyone, I’m tired of Covid but the reality is, Covid isn’t tired of us. 


Mr. Kenney, your actions, or lack thereof, have meant that you’ve lost control of this virus and now more lives will be lost that could have otherwise been saved.  By not enforcing your laws you risk making a mockery of all your actions to date and making things worse. 


I’m tired of you saying that you care about the sick/morn for the dead/respect health care workers when all you do is make their pain greater/cause greater suffering/make their work harder.  You’ve begged, it hasn’t worked, you’ve warned/threatened, it hasn’t work and you’ve tried to ‘educate’, it hasn’t worked.   For god’s sake man, do the right thing, do some enforcement!


This is not about who you voted for in the last election, this is about what’s happening now.  I would have the same comments for any government in power making these decisions. 




Dan Cunin


OMMITTED (flow/space issue but relevant)

-Previous protesters in other protests unrelated to Covid were characterized as ‘hooligans’/being ’anti Albertan’/’terrorists’ but now anti mask protesters are called ‘unlawful’/’in need of understanding’/’exercising their right to peaceful protest’?  You urged police to break down barricades in the past but now let protests continue even with the risk of transmission of a deadly virus. You are being a hypocrite. 

– Protesters use the terms ‘fake news’/’police state’/’censorship’/’lies’ but those ‘Trump’ style terms fail to find basis in reality.